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I can say that I have been cooperating with Maritsa Lukki and Smartex ever since I remember myself. My monochrome interiors are probably a treat for Maritsa, who loves bold colors and decorative patterns. Practically everything that her imagination and wonderful taste produce, fit my designed homes. Her curtain or rug can replace a painting. When ordering from Maritsa, you can be sure that you will get a high-quality and timeless curtain for years to come. The quality of Maritsa is unyielding.

I have cooperated with Smartex for many years.
I like to work with people who, in addition to being competent, are also enthusiastic and always excited.

It is not so easy to find a designer who understands your nature deeply, can listen to you and, based on that, offer a complete solution that shocks you positively. Maritsa has a particularly good sense of style, material and color. She can see things that not everyone can. I am very satisfied with the result!

“Designing homes and public spaces is at the heart of our business.” — Smartex Disain

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Smartex Disain

Smartex Disain is a family business offering interior design solutions that has grown out of a family of architects. Father Toomas offers architectural consultations and expertise, while the female family deals with interior design. Designing homes and public spaces is at the heart of our business, and nothing makes us happier than a satisfied customer whom we have helped to design a personal and beautiful home…

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